The benefits of supplements

Hundreds, if not thousands, of research studies report on the beneficial effects of supplements which alongside a healthy natural diet can counter the possible causes of Parkinson’s Disease and repair the molecular and nutritional deficiencies occurring in the ageing Parkinson’s body.

Why so negative then?

Yet the health profession adopts an aggressive, negative attitude towards this proposal, usually stating that ‘there is no evidence to support its effectiveness’. What they mean is they don’t accept the evidence of small-scale studies, even though the studies are conducted by research scientists at respected universities and clinical research facilities.

No patent = No profit

The missing ingredient is money. Supplements cannot be patented and, as such, can never achieve the profits necessary to justify the large-scale research studies, which would convince the health establishment.

Most supplements are exactly that, they are supplementing molecules or vitamins found naturally in the body. As such, very few carry side-effects.

You have to make up your own mind. Are the research studies right, and they are indeed helpful in countering Parkinson’s Disease? Or is there no evidence to support their effectiveness?

I chose the former and, together with dietary change, I credit supplements with reversing my Parkinson’s symptoms and helping me live well.


Quality is essential

There can be a wide variance in quality between brands and brand names you think you can trust may be lacking in quality.

I source my supplements from who stock brands of a quality I can trust.