Nutritional Supplements


From the very start of my research, I was finding scientific studies which referred to people with Parkinson’s being deficient in this vitamin or that mineral. So, on that basis, I would add the stated vitamin or mineral to my list of nutritional supplements following the recommended dosages on the bottles.


Something worked for me, because my symptoms improved, but I was never comfortable with this approach. It lacked a scientific approach and didn’t work for everyone.


Then, I was introduced to the work of a doctor who, before treating humans, had been a veterinary practitioner. He’d observed that animals are fed pellets which contain the vitamins and minerals they need to remain healthy and free of chronic disease. Only, we don’t do this with humans!


It is assumed that we get the nutrients we need from our food. But, we don’t. Processed foods are lacking in nutrients and contain toxins. Our soils are so deficient in minerals that even fresh, organic produce lacks the essential nutrients we need. So, we become nutrient deficient and leaving the door open to chronic disease.




This doctor identified the 90 essential nutrients we need to supplement with daily, and has created two powders which are added to water and drunk. This mostly relieves the need to swallow mountains of capsules, and takes away the guesswork as to what supplements to take and in what quantity.


What’s more, they work. I saw an improvement in weeks. Furthermore, I have seen continued improvements in symptoms six months after I started on the new supplements and which have surpassed any expectations I had.

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