Parkinson’s Recovery

Parkinson’s Recovery

Parkinsons Recovery


This is where you find the answers to the causes of Parkinson’s and the actions you can take which may bring about a recovery. 

There are actions that I’ve taken which have required guidance from a doctor (of Functional Medicine) or special practitioner. Other steps, such as changing to a better diet, I have done independently based upon my research.

Nowadays, there are so many ways that we fall foul of nature and the kind of life we are built to lead. Industrialisation and technology expose our bodies to so much stress and toxic substances, it’s no wonder that chronic disease arises. It also means that there are many things to put right.

This has been a journey of learning over several years and, with subsequent knowledge, there are some things I did at the start that I would do differently now. Nevertheless, I did them and can’t turn the clock back. 

You can read my books, at no charge, HERE.

None of this means you’ll be cured, but it does mean your symptoms can be brought under control and your quality of life can be improved markedly.

My focus has been directed at remedying the causes and I accept that this may be too demanding for some people. For those I have included a page titled Alternative Treatments.

Above all else, Knowledge is Power. The information shared on these pages will empower you to take control of your health.

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There are too many people struggling on with Parkinson’s with far too few options. We decided it was time to change that. So we set up as a hub of ever-growing information where people can come and dip in and find, not just hope for a healthier future, but actual, real life, practical things which they can implement right now, to actively improve their situation.

Parkinson’s doesn’t stand still and is striking people at ever younger ages. Medications do nothing to stop its progress and we need to feel able to cope with whatever symptoms it may throw at us tomorrow. Staying informed, getting wise to healthy ways to live in order to improve our underlying foundation of health, and then to fight back is the way to empower ourselves for whatever challenges tomorrow may bring. I, and others, are now showing it can be done.

Collecting and sharing all this mass of constantly growing research into the most effective ways to improve our PD health outcomes is a huge task. It involves several people currently and we want this resource to grow and be available to you and thousands of others now, and for decades to come. This can only be sustainable in the long term if we ask people, like you, to make a small monthly contribution to enable this to happen. I have borne the costs up until now, but it’s grown to a size which cannot be met by personal philanthropy alone.

Monthly contribution

So, from this point on, we are asking you to contribute a small amount monthly towards the cost of collecting and sharing information on how to recover from Parkinson’s. By making your contribution, you will be helping not just yourself, but thousands more people with Parkinson’s now and in years to come.

I hope you share this vision of a better future for us all, where people with Parkinson’s can rise up and take an active role in steering their health; empowered by being informed of all the health-promoting options available to them. If you share this vision, I know you will want to become a member and ensure the continuity of this site so that it’s here for generations.

Thank you for your understanding. Together we can fight and overcome Parkinson’s.

Colin Potter