Medication Outcomes

The medication outcomes you can expect

Parkinson's Medication Outcomes

Medication outcomes

The conversation usually goes like this:

Doctor: “I can confirm that you have Parkinson’s. I’d like to start you on this medication for your symptoms.”

You end up agreeing, after all, what do you know that the doctor doesn’t? And so you’re up and running in the lottery stakes of Parkinson’s medications.

At your next visit or two, you’ll bring to the attention of the doctor other symptoms which have surfaced, and he’ll either increase your dose or try an additional drug. So it goes on for a few more years, each time you arrive at the clinic in a worse state, only to find that your doctor has less and less answers.

What’s rarely said

Rarely, if ever, are doctors honest with you about Parkinson’s and medications from the outset. They don’t tell you that they are not omnipotent, that they’ll do their best, but medications only partially help with some symptoms, whilst doing nothing for others.

They don’t tell you that these medications will do nothing to hold back the progressive degeneration of your nervous system. That eventually drugs will no longer provide any assistance and you’re at the disease’s mercy.

Abandoned in a cul-de-sac, with no way out

We receive many emails from people who find themselves trapped in a cul-de-sac, with seemingly no way out and with their doctors saying there’s nothing more they can do.

A better way

How much better it would be if the full picture of the future was spelt out clearly from the beginning, so that you knew the very limited effectiveness of drugs the doctor can prescribe and the attendant risks to you that accompany them.

Rather than start out by realizing that your doctor actually has all the answers, you then might then be prepared to explore alternative ways to deal with your Parkinson’s. Here are two BBC podcasts around this topic.

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It’s never too late

Ideally, as soon as you’re diagnosed, you’d explore these pages and understand what might be causing your Parkinson’s. You’d also see the range of actions you might take to remedy those causes.

It’s never too late though, because we’ve also found therapies which have helped people recover, even though they’re at an advanced Parkinson’s stage. You’ll find these therapies on these pages, too.