Dental Issues

Dental Issues

Dental Issues

Many may be wondering why dental issues deserves its own page here. The connection between dental issues and our health is absolutely key.


Modern dental practices in the west are based on drill and fill type dentistry. The amalgam material they fill our teeth with is made of 50% mercury plus two other metals, usually silver and tin, sometimes copper. Mercury is used because it’s pliable so can be mixed with the other metals and crammed into tooth cavities where it is capable of standing up to bite pressure, chewing and grinding. When these metals are mixed together and are embedded in our teeth though, they release toxic vapour which we both inhale and consume almost continuously. As from Jan 2018 it is banned from use in mainland Europe. But not here in UK.


When we are exposed to toxins, we are less able to hang on to the nutrients we consume. This results in lowered key nutrient levels. Lowered nutrient levels means we are less able to deal with the toxins effectively. How exactly does all this happen?



Mercury in the mouth is bad news

If we look at mercury amalgams for instance. Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin which many of us have in our teeth. When we eat, our teeth release tiny particles of mercury from the fillings in our mouths. These tiny pieces of mercury flow down with our food into our gut and get stuck there in the gut lining.


Mercury is very toxic (when not in our teeth it’s labelled “Hazardous Waste”) and it’s existence changes the gut chemistry to the extent that only certain kinds of gut bacteria can survive. The whole environment of the gut micro biome becomes damaged, allowing bad bacteria to thrive, creating a leaky gut and inflammation.


As soon as we have foods creeping out through our leaking gut, a chain reaction from our immune system (which is gut based) is inevitable. Multiple food allergies are the outcome.


As soon as we have a compromised immune system, which is constantly dealing with on going inflammation, our bodies become more and more acidic. The healing end of the PH spectrum happens when the body is alkaline, when we are acidic we are not able to heal. Inflammation and acidity reduces our ability to deal with the toxic effects of mercury. A downward spiral of health starts, which if left unaddressed continues until we become diseased.