Unhealthy Gut

Unhealthy gut and the gut-brain link

The vagus nerve connects our gut to our brain, creating a two-way superhighway of communication. A growing body of the latest research is now connecting the health of our gastro-intestinal system, where our immune system lies, directly with neurological issues. A healthy gut can lead to a healthy brain. Conversely, an unhealthy gut can be behind neurological disease.

Our gut – a delicately balanced eco-system

Parkinson's and Unhealthy Gut
Picture the jungle, where everything living there is interdependent upon everything else that lives there too; it is a delicately balanced, self maintaining eco system. Our gut microbiome is just like this too, on a micro scale. The key players both in the gut and in protecting the gut barrier/ gut wall are the various strains of good gut bacteria and the finely balanced climate in which they live.

An unhealthy gut – the root of ill health

If we have an unhealthy, processed diet, with the balance skewed towards consuming wheat, gluten and sugar, this will cause gut inflammation, and bad bacteria will thrive. Not only will bad bacteria thrive, but numbers will overwhelm and wipe out the good bacteria.

With an imbalance like this in our microbiome, we’re then perfectly set up for ill health, which if not corrected, can extend to chronic disease of various kinds, including neurological disease.

The good news is that this bit of our health – our gut – is readily repaired by eating the right diet, stopping eating the wrong diet and by supplementation with high quality probiotics, fermented foods, key minerals and vitamins.

Remedial action you can take

Go to Parkinson’s Recovery – Actions to Counteract Causes and see the actions you can take to have a healthy gut and improve your health.