Methylation is the name given to the crucial biochemical reactions going on in our bodies and which allow us to live, breathe and function. Around one billion chemical reactions occur every second.

Any impairment in these biochemical reactions has implications and, significant impairment over a protracted period will lead to the onset of chronic health conditions.

For example, a chain of biochemical reactions is required to produce neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin (the mood neurotransmitter). So, malfunctions in the dopamine production chemical reaction chain can impair motor function.


Genetic issues

Depletion of the serotonin pathways lead to problems with mood e.g. depression, anxiety, apathy etc

In the subsequent pages, I share with you the multitude of factors which have a negative impact upon methylation and are principal causes of there Parkinson’s-type symptoms.

The good news is that it is within your control to take remedial action to overcome these causes and stop the ongoing damage and even reverse existing symptoms.