Essential Nutrient Deficiencies

Essential Nutrient Deficiencies

Vitamin Deficiencies

Essential nutrient deficiencies  are a problem to us because we can’t actually produce them by ourselves and our bodies need them to maintain good health, to protect us from becoming diseased and to prevent us from dying. There are 900 diseases that we can actually prevent ourselves from getting if we supplement with every essential nutrient, but we have to eat essential nutrients every day via either our diet or via supplementation.


Research shows we need:


            60 minerals


            16 vitamins


            12 amino acids


            2 essential fatty acids

Why vitamins and minerals are essential

They’re considered essential nutrients because acting together, they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They help maintain strength and density of bones, heal wounds, and support our immune system. They also help to convert food into energy, and to repair cell level damage. We become vulnerable to chronic conditions when we are deficient in them.


My doctor says that I can get everything I need from my diet

Unfortunately he is wrong. The trouble is we’re getting, at very best, only 40% – 50% of our required needs from our foods. And, that depleted stock soon becomes diminished further by the stress and toxins of modern life, leaving the tank virtually empty.


It is only a matter of time in this badly undernourished state, that something in our bodies will break! When our body’s nutrient stores reach this critical level of lowness, we are then vulnerable to all manner of chronic diseases e.g. type two diabetes, arthritis, Chrohn’s, diabetes and ….. Parkinson’s.


It is no longer possible to get our nutrient needs met from either plants, which are grown in mineral-depleted soils, or from farm animals reared in artificial environments.


Our only realistic alternative is to supplement, but many supplements are poorly absorbed and pass straight through the body.


We have found an answer to these problems, which we share in Parkinson’s Recovery.