Parkinson’s Causes

Parkinson’s Causes – Introduction

Contrary to what you may have been told, i.e. that Parkinson’s is of no known cause, my research shows that it does have defined origins. These origins are predominantly related to lifestyle and environment. If these causes are addressed, it can halt your disease’s progression and reverse its symptoms.

That research also has led me to the conclusion that the term, ‘Parkinson’s Disease’, has been wrongly applied to what is actually a group of neurological symptoms. Some of these fit James Parkinson’s classification eg Bradykinesia (slowness of movement), tremor, rigidity, gait problems. Many others, which can accompany Parkinson’s-like symptoms, have simply been bracketed with Parkinson’s.

When viewed in this light, it appears to me that an entirely different approach is required. Focusing on making dopamine available is never going to help with many symptoms and, left untreated, they inevitably worsen. To eradicate symptoms you have to look for the causes.


Parkinson's and Doctors

This is all covered in far greater detail in my book, The Parkinson’s Solution. Here, though is a brief introduction to each cause, which I have established so far to be behind the symptoms attributed to Parkinson’s.

Having gained an awareness of the causes, go to Parkinson’s Recovery for the actions you can take to overcome them.