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I am Colin Potter and I have a Parkinson’s diagnosis

Only there’s one difference between me and virtually all other people with Parkinson’s

  • I no longer suffer from its symptoms
  • I don’t take conventional medications
  • You’d hardly know I had Parkinson’s

How is this possible?

I’m not a doctor, I’m just an ordinary bloke diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011 who just didn’t like what he was being told by his doctors; that his condition was incurable and his health would go into permanent decline.
So, I started my own research, and found thousands of authoritative research studies that:

  • Showed that Parkinson’s mostly had its origins in our lifestyle and environment
  • Revealed the possible, specific causes behind Parkinson’s
  • Promoted the actions I could take to fix the problem
  • Allowed me to cease levodopa medication

I then made the necessary changes to my lifestyle and diet and here I am, two+ years later, healthy and recovered.

I didn’t stop there

Having seen at first hand the individual suffering of people with Parkinson’s with seemingly no way out, I decided to publish my story.

Following a massive response, particularly from people who were in far a worse situation than me and on medication that was doing little to help, I continued my research to find answers for them, too.

Answers that would never be forthcoming at their doctor’s clinic.

You will find on these pages …

On the pages of this website we are sharing information which you’ll not find on any other single location. We reveal the:

  • True nature of Parkinson’s and it’s likely course
  • Conventional treatments and medications available to you, and the likely outcomes
  • Possible causes of Parkinson’s and the actions you can take to counteract them
  • Recovery Plan I followed, and which reversed my symptoms and restored me to good health
  • Actions you can take which might relieve specific, seemingly intractable symptoms
  • Two alternative therapies which are helping people in more advanced stages gain remission from their symptoms and live well again

Everything we share with you is based upon research studies performed by university and clinical research centres. It’s authoritative and independent.

Even if you read these pages and decide this is not the path you wish to take, you’ll be greatly more informed about Parkinson’s.

Fight-Parkinsons – Seeking to Provide Solutions to Parkinson’s and its Symptoms


Authoritative research

Everything on these pages is evidenced by research conducted by universities and clinical establishments. Much of the research is funded by monies from government sources. Sadly, virtually all the research findings are ignored by doctors who are committed to prescribing medications that are not working for a big proportion of Parkinson’s people..

Fortunately, I didn’t ignore it!

Read these pages and the summary of this research in my publications to learn what there is to know about Parkinson’s and the steps you can take to recover. If, after reading everything, there’s any question you feel needs answering, then Contact Me. I’ll share with you everything I know.

Is the medical profession getting it all wrong?

Well, you need to make your own mind up on that one. I was unimpressed that my neurologist made no attempt to establish what might be the cause of my illness. He just wanted to prescribe medications to help with my symptoms without fixing the source of my problem.

Conventional medical practice has yet to cure anyone with Parkinson’s. People are set on a path of degeneration, only partially alleviated by drugs. Eventually, they find themselves at the end of a blind alley, fully in the grip of Parkinson’s symptoms, with no way out. Surely in the 21st century, we deserve better than this.

I decided that, if the medical profession couldn’t find answers, I’d find them myself.


What do you have to lose?

I took the view that, in searching for an alternative way to treat my Parkinson’s, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. In the very worst case scenario, I’d be wasting some time, and Parkinson’s would still be waiting for me. After all, I wasn’t denying myself access to some miracle cure provided by doctors. My outcome is well documented on these pages.

My symptoms have largely reversed, and I lead a life medication-free and undefined by Parkinson’s.

Maybe, you’ll see it that way, too. If so, we’re here for you.

Everyone I know on medication just gets worse

If you go to the page, Medication Outcomes, you’ll learn everything your doctor doesn’t get round to telling you. This is that medications are synthetic substances, alien to our bodies, which can carry side effects as bad or worse than the disease itself.
Many people report to me that their symptoms multiplied not long after they commenced medication. There are many symptoms which drugs do not appear to be able to control, and they are often only partially effective in controlling others. That was never going to be good enough for me, hence my search for alternative answers.

Just been diagnosed and in the Early stages?

I’ll show you the lifestyle changes you can make to your everyday home life which, when you turn them in to consistent good habits, can improve your health to the extent that it can reverse your Parkinson’s symptoms and let you live a full and comfortable life.

Advanced symptoms?

If your Parkinson’s symptoms are advanced and you’re suffering the side-effects of medication, you’ll already know how bad it can get. But don’t despair. My research has uncovered two therapies which are reported as achieving good results with people, even those in advanced stages.

Simply go to the page, Parkinson’s Recovery – Alternative Treatments, to learn more.

Why I’m asking you to make a small monthly contribution

We receive no payments, commissions or rewards of any kind, whether directly or indirectly, for any product or service mentioned on these pages. You will see there are no adverts at all. My sole intention is to share as factually, unbiased and honestly as I possibly can the research that I have uncovered which might be of assistance to all my fellow Parkinson’s people around the world.
For the past year I have funded personally our Facebook pages, websites, new website development and on-going research. We currently have 10,000 Facebook followers. The social media posts have to be created. The new website has had to be built and updated constantly. Tasty new recipes have to be found, or devised, and tested out. There are a constant stream of emails which need answering. Clearly this cannot all done by one person.
To enable me to continue to expand my research and activities at Fight Parkinsons, I have needed to hire personnel with the right skills. This and all the other costs need to be met in the future if I am to be able to provide a really useful resource for years and decades to come. Fight Parkinson’s needs to become self sustaining so that thousands of sufferers around the world can get the answers they need to enable them to live out their lives with enjoyment and in good health.
The only way that I can see to meet these costs is to invite you to make a modest monthly contribution for access to some of the content on these pages.
My commitment to you, by way of return, is that I will continue my intensive research and keep these pages updated with all possible answers to Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s symptoms.
I make one further pledge to you. I will not take personally any salary, dividend or any other payment from fight-parkinsons or its parent company, Natures Healthworks Limited. I seek only to serve the Parkinson’s community.

Colin Potter